Digital Signature Services:

We are the authorised Registration Authority of eMudhra and Sify to issue Class 2, Class 3, DGFT Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) and Encryption which is used for Income Tax, GST, ROC, EPF, e-Tender etc., at competitive price.

About Digital Signature (DS):

A digital signature (DS) is a mathematical scheme for demonstrating the authenticity of digital messages or documents. A valid digital signature gives a recipient reason to believe that the message was created by a known sender (authentication), that the sender cannot deny having sent the message (non-repudiation), and that the message was not altered in transit (integrity). Digital signatures are a standard element of most cryptographic protocol suites, and are commonly used for software distribution, financial transactions, contract management software, and in other cases where it is important to detect forgery or tampering.

Why would you use a digital signature?

Many industries and geographical regions have established eSignature standards that are based on digital signature technology, as well as specific certified CAs, for business documents. Following these local standards based on PKI technology and working with a trusted certificate authority can ensure the enforceability and acceptance of an e-signature solution in each local market. By using the PKI methodology, digital signatures (DS) utilize an international, well-understood, standards-based technology that also helps to prevent forgery or changes to the document after signing.

What is a Certificate Authority (CA)?

Digital signatures (DS) rely on public and private keys. Those keys have to be protected in order to ensure safety and to avoid forgery or malicious use. When you send or sign a document, you need assurance that the documents and the keys are created securely and that they are using valid keys. CAs, a type of Trust Service Provider, are third-party organizations that have been widely accepted as reliable for ensuring key security and that can provide the necessary digital certificates (DSC). Both the entity sending the document and the recipient signing it must agree to use a given CA.The Certifying Authorities are authorized to issue a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) with a validity of one or two years.

Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) are the digital equivalent of physical or paper certificates. Few Examples of physical certificates are drivers’ licenses, passports or membership cards. Certificates serve as proof of identity of an individual for a certain purpose; digital certificate (DSC) can be presented electronically to prove one’s identity, to access information or services on the Internet or to sign certain documents digitally.

About Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) :

Physical documents are signed manually, similarly, electronic documents, for example e-forms are required to be signed digitally using a Digital Signature Certificate.A licensed Certifying Authority (CA) issues the digital signature. Certifying Authority (CA) means a person who has been granted a license to issue a digital signature certificate under Section 24 of the Indian IT-Act 2000.

The different types of Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) are:

Class 2: Here, the identity of a person is verified against a trusted, pre-verified database.

Class 3: This is the highest level where the person needs to present himself or herself in front of a Registration Authority (RA) and prove his/ her identity.

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